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Shape image We are a group of experts which specialized in Particle Size and Shape Analysis (PSA) instrumentation for Research and Industrial applications.

The organization was established to provide sales and support solutions to our international distributors around the globe.

The is situated in the Netherlands, officially represented by Prolyse BV, and it is the official center for the international business.
The state-of-the-art particle and shape instruments with its associated accessories uses a wide and effective range of analytical Techniques, to provide accurate results and user friendly measurement environment for particle size and shape analysis, with accordance to the required specific application.

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laser obscuration and image analyzer particle and shape analyzer also known as CIS or Galai

The particle and shape analyzer (former model known as Galai or CIS100 particle and image analyzer) is an unique instrument that is combining two complementary Measurement Techniques by integrating laser and video (shape) channels.  It provides complete sample information on laser particle size distribution and numerous particle characterization parameters, with high accuracy and resolution.  The laser channel is based on laser obscuration time measurements like the GALAI and CIS100 PSA laser systems were (TOT analyzer).

The has a wide total measurement range, starting at 0.1 up to 5000 microns. 

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