The DSC is a shape characterization system for particles using in-situ image analysis of the sample. Digital particle images are collected and analysed on a vast range of shape parameters. The Video Microscope synchronized with a strobe light captures ‘still’ pictures continuously while particles are in dynamic ow.


Interchangeable measuring cell modules enable analysis of particles in virtually any state: liquids, powders, slurries, aerosols, pastes, thin lms and emulsions. Special cells facilitate the measurement of high concentrations. I-mage 400 covers a wide size range: from 0.4 to 3600 microns by changing only a single lens.


Interactive Measurement allows easy measurement of length and area by drawing lines or an object directly in the image. The results can be attached to the image and also exported as text or to an Excel spreadsheet. Annotation such as arrows, circles, squares, text are also available.


Using the organizer function, captured images are displayed in thumbnails for easy retrieval of the desired image. By simple clicking on the thumbnail image in this view, the image is easily opened. Sorting and ltering this database of images and datasets using acquisition details such as objective settings, date and author is an easy method for data management as well.